Deep tissue massage

50 min $ 1600 p.

80 min $ 2000 p.

This massage targets deep muscle tissue where built up tension is restricting movement and causing pain. By carefully applying thumb and elbow pressure to specific deep muscle tissue at varying degrees of force congested areas are freed of chronic tension reducing pain.

Swedish massage

50 min $ 1400 p.

80 min $ 1900 p.

It is a deeply relaxing treatment, with long connection movements to relieve mental and physical fatigue restoring internal balance. Light to medium pressure.

Aromatherapy massage

50 min $ 1600 p.

80 min $ 2000 p.

The massage involves alternating between gentle and medium pressure while using a specific blend of essential oils providing emotional healing and whole body relaxation.

Hot stones massage

50 min $1600 p.

80 min $ 2000 p. 

The massage therapist places the hot stones on specific points on your body and may also hold the stones while giving the massage. The localized heat and weight of the stones melts away tension and eases muscle stiffness.


25 min  $700 p.

50 min $1400 p.

Reflexology brings much needed relief to tired busy feet. Pressure is thoughtfully and delicately applied to specific points of the foot  improving circulation and all over well being.

Scalp massage

25 min $700 p.

50 min $1400 p.
It is designed to relax the busy mind and encourage circulation, warm oil is massaged throughout the scalp, working to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck regions. 

Trigger point & Myofascial massage

80 min $2400 p.

This specialties involved a more targeted approach focused directly on releasing painful trigger points, the sessions are meant to be more therapeutic and results oriented than luxurious or relaxing

Therapeutic massage

80 min $2400 p.
Experience the healing effects of deep therapeutic massage, through the use of stones, stretches or trigger points applied to specific areas of the body.


Luxury Facial (Made in Italy)

80 min $2200 p
Our custom facials include a face, neck and chest hyaluronic foam cleansing, enzymatic skin exfoliant, warm compresses applied to prepare the pores for basic extractions or none,  a personalized face mask, nourishing cream and a mineral toning, this experience includes a 30 min shoulders and neck massage.

Refreshing facial 

50 min $1700 p
This facial includes a make up removal, face cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation. steaming, basic extractions for black and white heads, treatment mask, and moisturizers that contain active ingredients and vitamins and a relaxing massage that restores blood circulation. 

Manicure $450 p
Pedicure $550 p

Hand or feet cleaning, cuticle removal. cutting and shopping of the nail, exfoliation, deep moisturizing.We only use gel, no regular polish available.
to remove gel on hands add $10 dlls
to remove gel on feet add $10 dlls

Lavander body wrap

50 min $ 1700 p.

The calming and relaxing aroma of lavender body wrap will bring your mind to an state of deep relaxation, improving the quality of sleep, along with its regenerative properties in your skin. Just delicious!


Oat cream Body exfoliation

50 min $ 1700 p

The therapist will apply an oat cream with circular motions to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells leaving it softer, smoother and deeply nourished.

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